v1.3: A Grappling Hook and More

Version 1.3 represents a long overdue "quality of life" update that makes several adjustments to existing features and adds some cool new stuff. This includes:

  • New grappling hook ability that's unlocked at the third power-up in the sky.
  • Improved movement animations for doggo.
  • New HUD elements to serve as reminders of which features you've unlocked. These can also be turned off in the pause menu settings.
  • Better-looking main menu that reflects if Ice Mode is enabled.
  • Several new sound effects.
  • Gamepad controls have been updated to utilize the D-pad for toggling hats and grid mode.
  • Some of the original hats have been restored, so there's now a mix of original and Halloween-themed hats.
  • Build radius starts out bigger and only needs one upgrade to max out.
  • Jetpack fuel has been significantly increased.
  • Carry limit upgrades have been slightly increased.
  • Heavy blocks have been removed, so there's no longer an underground barrier that requires a power-up to get past.


Doggo Dig Down 84 MB
Version 1.3.0 Aug 10, 2021

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